Airbus' extra-long business jet offers a unique way to stay aloft on transcontinental flights.

The ACJ TwoTwenty marks a turning point in business aviation with the creation of a completely new concept: the Xtra Large Bizjet, which European manufacturer Airbus claims is the extra-long business jet that combines intercontinental range, unrivaled personal space and state-of-the-art technology.

The newest member of the Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) family, the Xtra Large Bizjet offers twice the cabin space of other ultra-long-range aircraft. It has a generous 785 sq. ft. cabin, divided into six spacious VIP areas of 129 sq. ft. each. The flexible cabin catalog offers hundreds of configuration combinations, making it a "heavenly" home and work environment, with the best connectivity and relaxation options among jets in its category, such as the California king bed, en-suite bathroom with rainfall shower and multiple 55-inch 4K TV screens.


Amura,AmuraWorld,AmuraYachts,Big Boats Collection, The ACJ TwoTwenty has a range of 6,500 miles. The ACJ TwoTwenty has a range of 6,500 miles.


For greater comfort, it has an intelligent cabin that includes LED ambient lighting, total soundproofing, a temperature control system and a humidification system that renews the cabin air every three minutes, and electrochromic blinds to control the interior environment and minimize passenger jetlag by managing circadian rhythms, among other features, all of which can be controlled through an application downloaded to a smartphone.

On board, you can organize an excellent dinner, a movie night, work from the sky to make strategic business decisions, or simply relax with your loved ones and guests; anything is possible on board.


Amura,AmuraWorld,AmuraYachts,Big Boats Collection, The interior can be customized to suit the customer's taste. The interior can be customized to suit the customer's taste.


Performance and efficiency

Its modern design and use of advanced materials make the ACJ TwoTwenty a light and versatile aircraft. With a range of up to 5,650 nm – it can stay aloft for more than 12 hours – it can connect Los Angeles to London or Miami to Buenos Aires.


Adaptable to your needs

The combination of passenger cabin options is endless. The entrance area offers 3 options; the business lounge has 4; the main salon is unique and the adjoining salon can be modified in 4 ways. The master stateroom or private suite accommodates a California king bed and a large en suite with all amenities.

The choice of interior designs offers a variety of styles to create exclusive environments through the Timeless, Avant-garde, Quintessence and Special Edition by Cyril Kongo models. The latter is a special edition featuring the art of French painter Cyril Kongo.

There is also the option to customize the aircraft's interior at Airbus' creative studio in Toulouse, France, where a life-size section of the ACJ Two Twenty’s cockpit is displayed in a 786 sq. ft. area to make it unique. Through virtual reality, complemented by customer-configurable mock-ups, all interior design options are available in an immersive design experience.


Amura,AmuraWorld,AmuraYachts,Big Boats Collection, There are many interior design options, including the Special Edition by Cyril Kongo by French painter Cyril Kongo. There are many interior design options, including the Special Edition by Cyril Kongo by French painter Cyril Kongo.



As you search for the perfect cabin, you will be able to choose from hundreds of natural fabrics, luxurious carpets, soft wood veneers and metal veneer finishes. There will be the opportunity to study the variety of colors in different lighting conditions before deciding on the color combinations for the seats, carpets and walls, or the wood effects and finishes of the handcrafted cabinetry.

The concept of the ACJ TwoTwenty is to provide travelers with maximum comfort and the feeling of being right at home, allowing them to maintain their lifestyle wherever they fly to without any hiccups.




Pioneering technology

The ACJ TwoTwenty is the result of Airbus' annual multi-million dollar investment in research and development (R&D) – the equivalent of $65 million – to keep its models at the forefront of innovation, so that customers can experience state-of-the-art flying that meets their needs. This includes the use of 40% advanced materials, reduced weight and fuel burn, resulting in lower maintenance costs.


Text: Ricardo Villanueva ± Photo: Airbus Corporate Jets