Un proyecto ejemplar dentro del mundo de estructuras sustentables

The Velodrome is the most sustainable venue in the Olympic Park in terms of design and construction, that began in 2008 and was completed in February 2011. Sustainable choices have been made wherever possible; from the sourcing of wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to be used on the track and external cladding, to the installation of a 100% naturally ventilated system. This ventilation creates a perfect track-level temperature, eliminating the need for air conditioning.

The design of the venue makes optimal use of natural light, reducing the need for electric lighting. It also has a low cable net roof system, creating an amazing atmosphere for spectators whilst reducing the amount of space to heat and ventilate the interior.


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The ODA Sustainable Development Strategy and LOCOG’s Sustainable Sourcing Code set out four sustainability considerations when sourcing materials. These are:


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•Responsible sourcing

•Use of secondary materials

•Minimising embodied impacts

•Healthy materials

The ODA has also committed to using 100 percent sustainable sourced timber. To do this, they established a timber panel of approved suppliers to control the supply of all timber for construction on the Olympic Park. All contractors are using the panel to source their timber. The Velodrome team has even obtained sustainable sourced Siberian Pine for the track.

London 2012 developed a sustainable policy on the use of PVC, which was published in May 2009.This policy has helped move the industry forward with new phthalate-free PVC being developed in order to provide the wraps for several venues, including the Velodrome

Because of these policies and other remarkable achievements, the Velodrome has won the 2011 Structural Awards Supreme Award for Structural Engineering.


Text:  Amura ± Photo: Isgpl, Official site of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games