The autumn-winter 2010 has come, and retro is mixed with the modern in an exquisite combination to rescue the past. The trend for this season are the extreme shapes, broad shoulders, tight waists, layer upon layer and the grunge style that mar- ked a whole generation. For some designers, the inten- tion is to recall the time of the post war with crocodile skins, fabrics and accessories tweed sty le influence but very masculine and refined classical style.

Other designers have tended to the late 80’s with the floral print and leopard, the figure highlights the line of the shoulders, but especially in women is heightened as the waist to give more power to their sensuality. Mother Earth is imposed to induce a sense of shelter, protection, and encourages contact with our ancestors.


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The colors are neutral and strong textures for the call to organic. This season include metallic tones and metal ornaments that apply in courts that also re- fer to counseling women to create a look that shows comfort, sensuality and awareness with nature in a classic emblem of both eras that revolutionized Wes- tern ideology.







Text: Amura ± Photo: Cortesía de las Marcas /Berger Joyeros</p