Temperature is going down and is time to say goodbye to the summer so we can receive what is going to be a warm autumn. Fashion in this new season is full of strength, luxury and vitality. We are going to see new looks, and some not so new but that have been reinvented, reflecting the needs of our time. Even though this is going to be a cooler autumn, sensual see-through gowns and short clothes in the most luxury materials, are very important pieces.

We can´t forget the accessories to make a perfect outfit. In past seasons we found big metallic bracelets, chains in all colors and for any use. Also we saw polished metallic accessories in very different minimalistic forms. Bags also change, we found exaggerated sizes, but for this season we are also going to find interesting combination of materials.

For this autumn the designers give us a beautiful palette of colors that include nude en in different tonalities, having cream and cappuccino as the most importants. Also we have carmine, blue, cobalt and turquoise. In the issue of Rendez–vous we present some of the trends that inspired the greatest designers in the world.









Text: AMURA ± Photo: Cortesías de las marcas