Retro is still a tendency, and keeps getting stronger 70’s, 80’s and 90’s models are back with a great impact over the biggest brands.

Hippie fashion returns with clothing printed with flowers and an ethnic touch, inspired by places like India in the particular case of Ferragamo.

Since printed clothes are the trend for this su- mmer, a lot of printed butterflies and flowers will be seen as well as a slight African style with lots of squares and the already classic animal print. These designs will be seen in short dresses, PJ-like pants and short sleeved shirts.



Dotted motives are also printings for this trend; these will be seen in all sizes and with asymmetric sleeved shirts, perfectly combining with the return of line shorts and hunter jackets.

The use of rags is also back, for street wear with a very casual look, as well as on the beach with a nice and colorful swim short.

Amongst the accessories we can find very big bracelets, and a collar mix with different sizes and colors. 










Text: José María Lorenzo ± Photo: Cortesía de las Marcas