In 2004, the brand set a new challenge to create an original and limited watch representing a bridge between heritage and modernity, with a subtle blend of sport and high-tech. This principle gave rise to Project Z, featuring a design and a material – Zaluim, previously unknown in Haute.


“Zaluim”  the Perfect Metal for a Wristwatch

Zaluim was developed by Ronald Winston, a noted chemical engineer, and researcher of rocket propellants, he became an expert in the special zirconium alloys used in jet and rocket engines. He realized that a metal that could withstand Superheated corrosive gasses in the high-stress interior of a rocket motor would be perfect for the Creation of an indestructible wristwatch. In addition, zirconium is non-reactive and hypo-allergenic, harder than titanium and almost as light. Its luster hints at the fact that it is more commonly found on the moon than on Earth.



Lady Z

Harry Winston Timepieces introduces the limited edition Lady Z, the first women’s timepiece With a Zaluim setting. Inspired by the mythical goddess Luna, design and function of Lady Z evoke the unique dualities and femininity of the moon subtlety and strength.

The lower part of the dial features an elliptical opening, with two moons crafted in aventurine for a subtle mixture of spangled and sequined deep blue. Each moon – one white, one black – is finished with a comet’s tail trace, set in shaded tones of diamonds and black sapphires. The whimsical mechanism is wound using a flush push button, located at 2 o’clock.

A two colored dial evokes the radiance and dark energy of the moon in its many phases.

Aluminous silver-plated dial features Arabic numerals set-out in eye-catching rays, creating a Striking contrast with the black of the ellipse.

 A second dial captures the elegance of the night Sky, featuring a dark background with the time zone illuminated by pave diamonds. Set in Zaluim, a rare and difficult material to fashion, Harry Winston’s master jewelers have Impeccably set the bezel and horns with a series of exceptional diamonds, enhancing the elegant, feminine feel.




Text: Enrique Rosas ± Photo: Cortesía Harry Winston