New York, city of contrasts, capital of the cosmopolitan. Of elegance and chaotic sophistication always setting trend in high couture internationally. We present the elite of its winter fashion brought to us, by the most elegant department store in the world, proudly daughter of the big apple. This store has always walked hand in hand with this city and its changes. It has been great friends with many of the most important designers of history and the world, as it is in its walls that the most elite of the world has access and communion with the great collections of fashion.

Winter is by nature the most more fashionable Station of the four seasons, but when we live in a city with so much movement, we must find a combination of elegance and convenience. We present these “Glimpses of winter” that will make the visit to this, or any city of its kind, a journey through the world of style.








Text: Enrique Rosas ± Photo: Cortesía Saks Fifth Avenue México / Marcas