Celebrating love as a couple at least once a year is to give yourself time to recover romance and discover that there are perfect moments every day and only routine makes us miss them. Although you do not need to be a romantic hero, a paradigm of perfection to experience true love, it is never wrong to play this role from time to time to seduce your loved one.


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And as seduction is a labor of conviction and belief, the same as a military campaign, certain strategies can work. In the appropriate situation, attractive dress, a gift that dazzles and touches or an aroma that makes the senses tremble are some of the tactics of seduction that we propose for this coming February 14.





Inspiring Cupid

When a gift is a sincere show of appreciation, it can cut the distance between two people. Gifts are metaphors of the affection felt by one for another, which is why details are important, they open hearts.



Text: Martha Jauffred ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas