A State of the Art Model

Rolex created the Prince model in 1928, which enjoyed immense success. With a state of the art design, the Prince is rectangular in shape is distinguished for its accuracy.

The Rolex Prince is a concept that has not lost its validity in which technique is put at the service of design in order to achieve aesthetics and movement at the same time. The same precept applies to the case and the dial, which are crafted by specialists.

The movement of the Swiss chronometer is conceived so that the aesthetics of the movement is as important as its chronometric efficiency.


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The dial marks the standard by the overlay of the hour and minute hands over the second hand. Every dial of this watch is unique.

Rolex comes to life in the case. The background is transparent so the decoration acquires all the sense of the movement in sync with the movement of the dial.

Finally, for the first time the leather strap includes a butterfly clasp that perfects the balance of each piece.

The Rolex Prince has been conceived as a precision mechanism and an exercise in aesthetics.

Each timepiece is presented in three models for dif- ferent looks:

The Rolex Prince (ref 5441/9) in 18-carat white gold has a “godron" silver dial with mixed hands, Roman numerals and indexes.

The Rolex Prince (ref 5440/8) in 18-carat yellow gold has “Cloe de Paris” champagne dial, with mixed hands, Roman numerals for hours and minutes and Arabic numerals for seconds.

The Rolex Prince (ref 5443/9) in 18-carat white gold has a “rayón flammé de la gloire" black and silver two- color dial with mixed hands, Arabic numerals and index- es and the minutes marked in red. 


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Text: Amura ± Photo: Rolex

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