Shall we go cruising?

Throughout the year there are times when the transition between the seasons seems to be eternal. Moreover, winter offers its last notes and we are waiting for spring to make its début officiel; whereas the weather varied so unexpectedly so it is difficult to know what is happening. And we find that this period of wake arrives without any consolation in the wardrobe.

That is why the leading fashion houses have noticed that between each official season there is an excellent opportunity to launch an extra repertory: The Cruising Collections.

These collections include, as their name implies, garments and accessories designed specially for those who decide to pack their cases and head off to more exotic climes where there are no sudden changes in the weather. For some fashion houses, these collections are no more than an advance in the spring season, but there will be those who decide not to leave the city but will always remain stylish and cheering up the weather.


Shall we set sail?








Text: Germán Nájera ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas.