Fragile seduzione

The world of luxury changes dizzily and more and more high class consumers look for special or rather, unique jewels.

The design, the hours spent on production, the quality of the stones, the carat values and the number of stones cut for each model are all important criteria when selecting a piece of high jewelry.

The paper sketches, the wax modeling, the finishing or the mounting are just some of the steps that the piece has to follow for months or even years before it reaches the final consumer. During this time, hundreds of people will have been involved in the production of the pieces, which require great attention to detail and the know how of the master craftsmen, who one by one and by hand manufacture all the jewels considered to be in this category.

Amura Yachts & Lifestyle brings you its second high jewelry special with the brands and firms that are always involved in every stage of the production of their pieces and that invariably use the finest materials and the most modem design and manufacturing techniques.


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 Ranges of an impressive variety of colors in different tones

Each piece becomes unique because the color combinations of the stones vary from one to the other, thus creating a multicolor effect.



Exquisite craftsmanship

Functionality, attention to detail and the use of the finest materials are all aspects that characterize every piece of fine jewelry.



In some cases

Traditional and elegant jewelry is combined with the most innovative and state of the art trends to offer sophisticated, exclusive and timeless pieces, which will be passed from generation to generation.



Structures designed using unique pieces

Assembled in minute detail to give movement and spectacular reflections of light: collections of emblematic explosion.



Exclusivity and luxury

Through pieces that are not necessarily made for the worldwide market but instead for the most demanding clients.



Pieces of fine jewelry have a complicated process of creation

More than a thousand hours of work for each one, dozens of hands that have participated and supervised every step, hundreds of stones set one by one by jewelry craftsmen.



The excellence of the materials used

Is the common point of all these pieces in which only the most precious stones are used.



Explosions of light life and color 

Pieces that represent a complete celebration of art and artifice. Exuberant whirlpools in precious materials that result in exquisitely ethereal creations.



 Diamond jewelry

Expresses the most important moments in life because the clarity of a diamond crystallizes the most authentic emotions.




That use the highest technology and specialized labor in their creation focusing on the harmony of movement and expression of detail.



When choosing a diamond

It is advisable to keep four factors in mind that will affect its final value, known as the 4 “C”s: cut, color, clarity and carat weight.



Text: Germán Nájera ± Photo: Cortesía de las Marcas