Summer Preview

Summer is near and it is time to think about the must haves for the warmest of seasons. Daring combinations, classic styles, a mix of colors or consistency in shapes, as well as accentuating them with the right accessories, they are all series of options to build up your wardrobe.

The trendy themes are concrete and down to earth. Into the Blue, matching the deep sea tones. Be Light, with an immaculate white base. Purple Haze, with its violet shades to highlight a sophisticated air. Siren, regal black whether as a whole or complementing a colored look. Prints & Patterns, with an explosion of shape and color. Ruby Lips, totally feminine in the range that varies from red to cherry cranberry. Lastly, to compete with the shine of the sun, clothing and accessories that light up when they pass, whether in Silver Shine or Golden Luck.

When the idea is to stand out, adding some of these options to your summer wardrobe will achieve the most impactful look for any occasion.


Text: Germán Nájera ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas, FWM.