68 Years at the Top

Fur is an area of expertise and passion for the Hans family, an activity that, for 200 years, they have passed from generation to generation, first in Austria and then in Mexico, when they arrived here 68 years ago. That was when Wolf Hans settled in the country and decided to name his business “Montreal”. Today, Pieles Hanson has a fashionable
shop on Masaryk Avenue as well as a corner in each Palacio de Hierro department store. They are also representatives of exclusive firms like Christ (Germany), Christia and Rossi (Italy). Rogelio Hans, head of the business, belongs to the fifth generation of this family of furriers.

The house produces garments exclusively for Mexico. They have a team of designers that travel around the world, capturing colors and forms, and then they produce trendy, contemporary silhouettes. “We have what is available around the world but we carefully adapt it to the needs and demands of Mexico”.


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Pieles Hanson uses modern technology to produce garments of excellent quality and design. “We shave and knit the furs, creating coats that have a younger spirit: our clientele are mainly young people, between the ages of 20 and 50, who are searching for style and quality”, said the furrier. “We also do this with old coats that are too ostentatious and, sometimes, obsolete”.

Selection Process
“The debate surrounding the use of furs is due to the great amount of misinformation that is available”, said Rogelio Hans. “There is irresponsible, clandestine hunting
but furriers work only with animals bred in specialized farms mainly in the United States, Canada and Finland. They are legal, controlled breeders and have doctors who are continuously verifying the wellbeing of the animals, checking their food and taking extreme care during the process. They make sure that the animals do not suffer at the moment of their death. We do not work with species that are in danger of extinction”.


Hanson works with mink, chinchilla, beaver and sable. They also make garments with rex, a French rabbit that does not shed and its hair is almost as shiny as a chinchilla’s. Rogelio Hans mentions that a large investment and the latest technology are required to achieve these fusions and mutations, to breed different colors and better the quality of the species. 

Taking Care of Furs
It is suggested that furs be taken to a furrier once a year to have them revitalized with special liquids. They are also disinfected with steam irons and hair dryers that eliminate dust. “Our employees have taken specialized courses in order to professionally clean the coats. We service and remodel them, even those that are not our own. We shave, revitalize and transform them according to the client’s taste”. 


Pieles Hanson will continue with the family tradition. Rogelio Hans says that this is their major accomplishment. “The idea is to continue to expand and create new generations who will reach other places. My father saw it in his lifetime and, fortunately, our clients have been faithful”. The goal is successfully achieved. These renowned furriers are at the top and know that they maintain their position thanks to their infallible, exceptional service and quality as well as their respect for their clients.


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Text: Germán Nájera ± Photo: Cortesía de Pieles Hanson