The Season’s Shades

Leaves fall and open up new horizons. Autumn arrives with sophistication and renewed dimensions. The idea is to dress with stylish luxury, mixing the new with the vintage. Tradition and innovation harmonize and combine in something completely avant-garde.

For this season, daywear has been inspired by evening clothes and evening clothes by daywear. The palette of colors comes in tones like earth, blues, greens and purples, as well as the not-to-be-forgotten classic combination of white and black.

Silhouettes that explore femininity, contemporary and retro, predominate for women, forms that mix a modem attitude, aesthetic, energetic, and, on occasions, even moving, with traditional touches. Free forms contrast with architectural elements, lightness with rigid lines.


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For men, the result is clothing with a structured cut, softly constructed to show off the details: identity is an added value. Time and again, conservative men will be using elements that will make them stand out. Classics become more fun by mixing colors and materials.

This season’s key element is leather, including jackets with vintage finishes, overcoats with a few duffle coat details and, naturally, luxury gadgets.



Tones that vary from ochre, beige, chocolate and sand. Autumn fuses with shades of coffee that predominate in almost all the great designer collections, in materials like leather or synthetics.




Black + White

The classic combination takes on a new verve. All the sobriety and gracefulness of this contrasting conspiracy is showing surprises in lines, both feminine and masculine, with special emphasis on accessories.




Purple rain in all its tones. From violet to lilac, this range of hues is playing a leading role this autumn, invading all types of accessories and jewelry. For him, it is apparent in discrete details. For her, from head to toe.




Green is making a comeback, and although it starred in previous collections, now it returns from olive to really intense shades. Emerald accents are seen in clothing and accessories, both for him and for her.




This noble color is highly flexible, allowing it to be shown in many ways. It can be used by entrepreneurs or rock stars, but what is important is to reject the clichés and feel secure wearing blue in gadgets and strategic articles of clothing.



Text: Germán Nájera ± Photo: Germán Nájera