The temperature drops, the wind blows and clothing acquires a new distinction. During this cold season, winter arrives with a rush of sophistication: everything from the most stylish, elaborated articles of clothing to vanguard minimalism. Forms are either aggressive or sweet, and the textures invite you to touch them or ward you off with their rigidity.

There is some exclusive detail for all tastes. Accessories, the indispensable complement for any look, are present in different shapes and sizes. Square, round, thin, wide, simple or baroque, they grab our attention and heighten the look with their attractive presence.

The palette maintains the traditional colors of winter like black, white and gray, but also adds amusing, surprising combinations including various textures and materials, from furs to wools and cotton, from corrugated to smooth, stamped and printed.

Both for him and her, the trends are as aggressive as showing off a trophy obtained after a wild urban hunt; innocent, pure tones of white on delicate, feminine silhouettes; a no-holds-barred explosions of color with a perfect, unisex, provocative mix & match; dark, mystic, irreverent, impassive black for both sexes and, last but not least, a stellar gray which is, shall we say, the new black of the season, also both for men and women.

There are no boundaries. Winter keeps its promise of remaining the coldest while the most prestigious, renowned fashion houses confront it with their captivating collections.


Text: Germán Nájera ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas, Varig-Enrique Carrasco.