In order to pamper mothers, Amura selects 100 different options that will enchant them. Strokes of color, styles, good taste and elegance are available in accessories like handbags, watches, rings, necklaces and even spring collections that present the ideal clothing for the season direct from the principal European capitals. In addition to this, a grand proposal: powerful S.U.Vs with great on-the street-presence. Finally, perfect gifts like the rental of a comfort-filled yacht, a Spa in a heavenly corner of our Mexico and even a restful apartment on a beautiful beach. So, for those of you who still don’t know how to show your love to that special woman, we present ample orientation on exclusive brands that offer beautiful and useful products for every taste. Nevertheless, our best advice, regardless of the product you choose, is to give her a lot of love.













Moët & Chandon

The house Moët & Chandon presents the Imperial Brut Rosé, pink tones and fruit cobrizos, where they dominate to sensations of wild strawberries and cherries with the currant and other spices



One & Only

In order to be in harmony and contact with the nature in a sanctuary that is experience One & Only. Treatments in private villas, with the best selection of therapies and experts whom they will look for to offer a experience of inner and outer balance.



Edminston Yachts

Why not charter an Edmiston yacht and visit the incomparable islands of the Sea of Cortez? Set sail from the beautiful port of La Paz and steer toward Bahía de Balandras in order to enjoy a romantic picnic and, in the afternoon, snorkel in the unmatched crystalline waters. At sunset, make your way to untouched Isla del Espíritu Santo where, the next morning, you can dive and share time with fabulous sea lions.  



Mayan Island Nuevo Vallarta

Surprise her with something that will become part of a legacy, a place the whole family can enjoy for a lifetime: a Mayan Island Nuevo Vallarta beach condo. This magnificent gift has a view of the golf course or the sea as well as a Jacuzzi in the master bedroom, air conditioning, pool, elevators, parking, Spa, maximum comfort, security and much more.  



Text: AMURA ± Photo: AMURA