Cold weather arrives and with it, the opportunity to show off a sober and elegant style. Great designers and famous brands have introduced their collections in  military green jackets and long fur coats. The burgundy will be seen in coats, pants and jackets, mixed with navy blue and a touch of fur in sleeves and collars.

Suggested colors for this season are: mustard yellow, gray, brown, granite, earth, purple and cherry combined with neutrals as the “camel” or “nude”.  Tangerine which has been called “color of the year”, goes well with almost all types of skin.  It goes from various shades of orange, tangerine, cherry, wine and even brown. Let’s not forget the sapphire, navy and royal blues, which besides being very elegant, are perfect when worn instead of the basic black.

A plus of the season are stones, straws, sequins, studs, pearls, rhinestones or all types of beads are indispensable, whether in accessories, bags, coats or shoes to create an outfit brilli brilli bright. 







Text: Martha Cueto ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas