Informal, yet Refined

Annual cycles. Color returns complementing nature in its yearly metamorphosis. It is not only a matter of dancing our imagination by imitating the colors of our planet, but also, to be able to adjust to the ever changing temperatures of the seasons.

The pre-winter season brings us ocher, red, brown, while fashion is daring and introduces a naughty electric blue. The arrival of cold temperatures dries natural textures, but fashion sets in silk and leather. Trees and shrubs drop their leaves, while fashion covers us with materials that match only when fashion puts them together.

It’s not about going against nature, nobody can even try. It’s about creating within nature, to play; to combine, to harmonize the development of garments and our minds with the annual cycles ... Otherwise, each year would be the same. Oh No!






Text: AMURA ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas