Riveting autumnal shades dominate runways as summer comes to an end with a bang. Designers are in constant renovation of the way we think about fashion, and this new season is no exception, with outfits full of contrast, mystery, rebelliousness, feminine silhouettes and empowerment to spare. Innovative elegance is a prominent feature that explores several decades and near futures, with homages to the 80s and 70s in contraposition to a utopia of neon punk looks. The trends of tomorrow begin now with environmentally conscious designers concerned about climate change and its effects, expressed through an explosion of prints, patterns, texture, leather, faux fur, a lot of sexy and much more. Let fashion become the new you.

This fall, coats of all kinds and sizes are a huge YES, creating urban and energetic looks that will help you beat the weather and conquer the world.

Checkered, houndstooth, feathers, patterns—chic outfits and utterly striking contrasts are the perfect choice for this season.

Dark hues and bright colors will highlight the runways, with modern-retro looks, innovative contours paired with 80’s shoulder pads and a revolution of bold vs classic.