Aseason to be full of contrasts; in one corner, designers with extremely discreet themes, very bourgeoise chic classique, in the other, punk style, rebel, gothic. It’s the way that express the current lifestyle, they celebrate the spontaneity of today, rather than create an impossible ideal of what she should be.

Baroque and vitage trends are mixed, everything preserves the ingredients of yesteryear. Pearls, diamonds and chains for accessories, bucket shapes or saddlebags in the coats. Everything that was expected, leather and black are presents this season.

Neon colors, shine in the dark to shock people and force them to reflect. The Studio 54 night-club style, the 70’s and 80’s are not lacking. Shearling coats or faux -fur, for never breaking the ecology, can’t miss this winter.

This season, neon trends, feathers, brights, asymmetric cuts softly curved and contoured.



Bourgeois and refined styles. Jersey with blazer, pleated pants, silk ... the important  is match consistent looks with appropriate cuts.



Adopt a unisex look, fashion to some gothic, androgynous designs, coats almost at ground level, square shoulders, sharp or voluminous.