Awinter in blue tones; vintage effect where possibly Paul Muriat’s renowned song, “The love is blue,” plays an important role and is the inspiration of the designers this season, giving rest to the black and gray colors to create thus a romantic effect and an aesthetic that offers us beauty, elegance and even nostalgia. The silhouettes are refined to give rise to long dresses with transparencies, flights, flowing fabrics, chiffon, organza, satin; to the fresh structures, the drapes and the folds that provide movement.

Simplicity, variety and sobriety have been represented on the catwalks. The signatures have included unicolor female silhouettes and cuts, baggy high-inseam pants, oversized sleeve blouses, pleated skirts and dresses with flight for both day and night; with it the creators offer us a trend without schedules. Discreet themes to conceive of timelessness in the Haute Couture collections.

The range of cold colors appear for new romantics who are comfortable with the various blues: navy, glacial, cobalt, light-blue, steel... your social media marketing partner