Autumn/Winter is a season painted with ocher and orange tones, where the dead leaves crackle under the steps of casual passers. The designers color the runways with colors like yellow, purple and blue deep teal. Besides, with a sophisticated air and sixties’ style collections, the wool and leather clothes predominate in the style creator’s imaginary.

In the other hand, the geometric prints succeed in this season and fuses tendencies: with the block color of summer, the striped pattern, the tribal motives and the sixties’ op-art we obtain a closer look to the latest collections. The lace is a classic that will reign in because of its delicate texture and its sexy vintage touch is aggregated to any look.

This Autumn/Winter season is a time machine which refers us to the bulky blazers, midi skirts, tweed sets, tight outfits that draw the silhouette, classic coats, cross sailors and Wellington boots. Around the world, this autumn/winter will make a tribute to the vintage and retro style. 








Text: AMURA ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas