Lisa Farrall

Armour Collection

This collection is about embracing women and empowering women. Highlighting the beauty and the strength of the female form.



Elie Saab


Somewhere between earth and heaven.



Zuhair Murad

Couture Fall-Winter

The process of making a couture gown is very personal, almost a catharsis. Couture is a place where i can allow my imagination to take center.



Zuhair Murad

Bridal Fall 2020

I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.



Text: ± Photo: Cortesía Lisa Farrall / Cortesía Elie Saab / Filippo Fior / Gorunway / Cortesía de Zuhair Murad / Rudolf-Azzi / Cortesía de Zuhair Murad