Automático Esqueleto

Decisively contemporary, the model Royal Oak Automatic watch by Audemars Piguet takes its force though an alliance between tradition and modernity. The art of the frame working is an exercise in unique style, practiced exclusively by a only a few watchmakers. This art is extremely peculiar, requires a profound savoir-faire and artistic technique. Technical, because to frame work a movement is to take into consideration the necessity to preserve its structure to maintain precision and workability. Artistic, because the openwork of its components imposes a minutely cautious decorative labour that requires ability and experience. 

The new Royal Oak Automatic inscribes itself, consequently, in this logic, despite the fact that this calibre has only been realized with a completely different spirit. The calibre 3129, divisively modern, is in line with a more modern and contemporary stylistic evolution. The finishing touches are of the highest quality, the execution is sober, and the extended features are an eco of the elegant finishing touches of the case and the bevel satin finish.  



The pure and contemporary lines of this creation, which differs from the traditional watches, exalt the Royal Oak collection to which it is destined. A sober and pure cut, with a vertical satin finish over the silver and over the bridges, the intensification of colors, contrasts and shades obtained bevel made entirely by hand. The chromatic palette varies between gray and anthracite tones. This color, as sober as it is elegant, is obtain through a galvanic treatment of the surface. The predominance of gray contrast with the colors of the brass wheels and with the oscillating 22 karat solid gold mass, also frame worked, engraved with the AP monogram.

This new automatic 3129 calibre, veiled in grey tones, raised by the case; a case 29mm in diameter, dotted with a transparent background and waterproof up to 50 meters, features a anthracite colored face integrated with the gold hands of the watch.   

Amongst the technical characteristics of this 3129 calibre and its 253 components, which indicate the hour, minutes and seconds with a central second hand, it is well worth to mention its transversal bridge that guarantees and exceptional resistance to collisions and its central second hand direct dragging mechanism ensures that the needle stays in place. The calibre 3129 features a stop second function, which facilities the changing of the time and which also disposes of a 60 hour march reserve. 

The new Royal Oak Automatic is a new demonstration of the absolute dominion of the Audemars Piguet watches.


Text: AMURA ± Photo: Cortesía de la marca