Luring diners to east 12 Street 

A truly quintessential New York restaurant that opened its doors in 1998. Gotham was the vision of four New Yorkers from diverse backgrounds, Jerry Kretchmer, Jeff bliss, Rick Rathe and Robert Rathe set out to create a downtown restaurant reminiscent of the energy, feel and beauty of a sophisticated Parisian brasserie. Brakeing with convention the restaurant was designed to be lively, inclusive and approachable. The restaurant’s wine program has evolved over the years as well, earning the respect of many top wine makers who share rare and hard-to-obtain vintages and small production wines. The result is a vast and varied cellar making Gotham Bar and Grill an essential wine destination.

In addition to the consistent quality of food and service, Gotham’s uncommon longevity can be attributed to the tireless efforts of Portale and partners who continuously evolve the menu, dining room, service standards and art collection (Gotham contracts its own curator). All with the objective of maintaining Gotham’s vibrant and beloved guest experience.





Gotham Bar and Grill

Greenwich Village,

Union Square 12 E 12th St

New York, NY 10003

Tel. (212) 620-4020




Text: María A. Bassaure ± Photo: NEW YORK NATIVES / OKANEN / NEW YORK TIMES / Jen m / GAYOUT / Momofuku Ko