Behind the L’Or by Jean Martell exists a marvelous history: The culmination of 300 of experience and the passion and care in the elaboration of Congac.
L’Or de Jean Martell is a special and limited edition. In Mexico, only 39 bottles exist, each one being the product of 300 years of history, tradition and experience.
The bottle was crated with the finest of materials, combining perfection in its design and an expert craftsmanship that characterizes the Jean Martell L’Or decanter. This decanter, elaborated with Cristal de Sèvres, blown and decorated by hand, flashing purity with its embellished curves and guilded garlands, evokes the elegance of the classic French style.


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L’Or by Jean Martell owes its character to the mix of the various eaux de vie, especially those of the region of Borderies and Grande Champagne, which provide it with richness and exceptional complexity. As they mature, its sweet, fruit-like tones imprint the strength and deepness of the eaux de vie of the Grande Champagne region.
As an additional fact, in Congac, the cellars where oldest barrels are stored are named, “paradise”. The paradise of Martell has been rebranded as “Chai Jean Martell”, or Jean Martell cellar. This secret cellar, to which only a few have access to, holds the most exceptional and rare cognacs, some dating to 1830.
Without a doubt, L’Or by Jean Martell is a dream come true for a grand sampler.


Text: Amura ± Photo: Casa Martell