CCamp Jabulani has conquered the title of the best restaurant of high cuisine in Southafrica because of the special touch of his chef in the preparation of impala steaks with delicious herbs or duck with fruit sauce. Natural flowers are his best allied for a wonderful decoration.
The Lodge is famous because of his elegance: there are six suits with private swimming pool, the dining and the living room are decorated with characteristic african things; statutes, animal paints, zebra or antelope’s skin and adobe walls. 


The main meal is served on the terrace; the supper in the elegant dining room with silver cutlery and the finest dinner set. They served also in the dry river, lighted with torches, underneath a sky full of stars, listening to the roar of the lions. At nightfall, in the middle of the savanna, the table is set up with champagne and delicious canapés around a bonfire to enjoy them just before a trip on elephants.
Camp Jabulani has combined elegance and excellence in the cuisine. It´s the kingdom of good taste even for the most demanding guests.


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Text: Amura ± Photo: Flickr, Patrick Monney