Lor this number, Amura Yachts & Lifestyle presents to its readers a new restaurant proposal that will transport its clients from a city wrapped around chaos to a desert full of peace, calm and optimism: The Hookah Concept.

Hookah Concept opened its doors to Mexico in 2002 with the first establishment located in the Condesa : The Hookah Lounge, five years later they take the next step by opening Hookah Darhom (San Angel). Recently they decided to open a third restaurant: Hookah Santa Fe.

The Hookah Concept is basically good food, music, party, art and most important, originality.


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The food is a type of fusion, where the best of Arab food with its exotic and mysterious flavors and Mexican food with its tradition and unique preparations, combine giving as a result an exce- llent combination of dishes for the delight of the most demanding palate.

And don’t forget to try the Hookah (sisha, narghile or Arab pipe), a traditional water pipe from India used to smoke tobacco, where a menu is available for its tasting and different flavors such as: apple, lime, orange, coffee or a combina- tion of these are also available.

The decorations have a lounge style for commo- dity and relaxation for anyone who visits any of the three establishments. With rugs, boots, and arab style lounges with floor cushions to sit, if wanted. Silk fabrics, mosaics and golden detailing with the purest Contemporary Arab style, also warm colors such as reds, oranges and maroons.

Music is carefully selected and mostly electro- nic with denotations of arab or oriental music. During the afternoon, music is more calm (lounge and chill out), while during the night; house music can be enjoyed with live DJ’s.

Hookah will make you enjoy a comfortable stay, with a service so good it will transport you to the Middle East through its music, smells and flavors. 


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Text: Roberto Salido ± Photo: Hookah Concept