Cheval des Andes Vine Loft, a space located in the middle of a vineyard, open its doors to enjoy the new vintage of this house. A field of pleasures is located under the Mendoza sky at the foot of the impressive Andes, perfect landscape which houses the Cheval des Andes Vine Loft, a space to enjoy with all the senses.

Solemn lines of vines guide the steps towards the center of the vineyard, where the Vine Loft is raised. The sweet sound of the wine filling glasses puts music in the moment and preludes the sensory delight. This place is a space that offers the opportunity to learn about the Cheval des Andes wine elaboration and was thought to enjoy an experience of pleasure and relaxation.





The last April it opened its doors to present the new vintage Cheval des Andes 2005, characterized by its reduced production volume with excellent results for red grapes, especially for the Malbec, giving origin to a wine with a fantastic color, intense aromas and refreshing sourness.

The Cheval des Andes 2005, which will be available in Mexico for the end of this year, it is the future of a pioneer combination among the greatness of the “Premier Cru” of Bordeaux with the best piece of land of Argentina that includes its Malbec.

The wine cellar Terrazas de los Andes, located in Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza, has left its mark in the international market of luxury wines for its vintages of each variety at the perfect height.        




Text: Rafael Luna G. ± Photo: Terrazas de los Andes-