Con la experiencia de una vida

The offered menu is a fusion of different flavors and aromas derived from the creativity and travels of Anthony Genovese, its chef. The name of the restaurant is owed to a painting representing the image of a clown, a gift from his mother, and this is the emblem of his cuisine: home flavors, but artistic, capricious, balanced and above all, autobiographical.


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The decor is elegant, sober and provides an intimate atmosphere. On daytime it offers the ideal place for a business meal, while in the night, the lighting is perfect for a romantic dinner. In its menu both are present, the creativity as well as the experience of a whole lifetime. It gathers the fragrances, colors and smells of the East and the West, each dish is a delight for the taste.


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Il Pagliaccio

Via dei Banchi Vecchi 129a,

Roma, Italia.

Tel. 00+39+06 6880959



Text: Rafael Ramírez ± Photo: ARLINGTON / ROME CAVALIER / purenton / Il Pagliaccio / Lenas