A banquet

In order to enj oy the produce of the South China Sea, in Kota Kinabalu people go to Kampung Nelaya, where there is a true banquet of dishes. It is a very large restaurant and to one side we can see the aquariums of live fish and shellfish that are taken to the kitchen to be prepared once they are chosen. The jellyfish with chili and sweet and sour sauce is considered a delicacy and the meat satai are always available since they are the foun- dation of Malayan cuisine.

The feast begins with the indulgence of the eyes followed by the delicacy of the exotic flavors: at the table diners receive a great variety of fish prepared in the Oriental manner, with chili, spices and exotic marinades, and shellfish (like octopus, shrimp and lobster) arrive raw, boiled or fried and are accompa- nied by sweet and sour sauces. Clams and oysters are presented in their shell.


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The celebration is also created by the ambiance of the restaurant since in the middle of a pond is a stage on which typical Malaysian dances are per- formed. These dances, with the exception of the bamboo dance, which makes the men leap, are dis- tinguished by their elegance, play of hands and eyes, luxurious clothes and delicate movements.

For the people of Kota Kinabalu, who are eager to eat well and have fun, Kampung Nelayan is a true banquet of dishes and a great feast of music and dances. Considered one of KK’s best restaurants, Kampung Nelayan, like the Mashuri in Kuala Lumpur, is renowned in the whole country as the best place to discover the finest Malay cuisine. 




Kampung Nelayan Restaurant

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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney