Fusion Cuisine by the turquoise waves

From La Samanna’s terrace you can enjoy the splendid colors of the sea, the long white sand beach, the golden cliff and spectacular sunsets. In this place, considered one of the top three of the region, the dishes, always accompanied by the world’s best wines, create a fusion that pleasantly surprises the palate.

Chef La Tha’an elegantly serves his marvelous creations: exotic lobster salad with grapefruit supreme, glazed asparagus and spicy mango sauce, saté style poultry brochette with sugar cane, red onion tempura with spicy peanut sauce, Vivaneau fish puff pastry with algae, small vegetables and balsamic caramel, veal rib with spinach polenta, mashed purple potatoes and fried sweet     potato.



Colors light up dishes framed by the brilliance of the dazzling turquoise sea, romantic candles are part of the décor and dance in the slight breeze and the marvelous service invites one to live unforgettable moments.

La Samanna’s fame attracts Caribbean sailors, who leave their boats anchored by the beach to enjoy the exotic flavors so beautifully presented. The desserts are a glorious finale of a unique experience of extraordinary quality in a place that is a true paradise.   



La Samanna

Grupo Orient Express

P.O. Box 4077

97064 Saint Martin, French West Indies

T 590-590-87 64 00

F 590-590-87 87 86

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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney.