A special reservoir of Lafite wines from Les Domaines Barons de Rotchschild arrives to Mexico, and it will be commercialized by Grupo La Europea. Exclusive information given by their General Manager José Ramón Ruiz Caso.

Ruiz Caso, in an interview from Amura Yachts & Lifestyle, assured that Domaines Barons de Rothschild invested in this collection in order to be within the Mexican market, since French wines have been always characterized for being less accessible when talking about great Chateaux.

Mexico’s annual wine consumption is 2 wine cups per capita (with more than 100 millions of citizens), so the strategy must be focused on a wine culture. He said this proposal was not risky at all. “there’s a reason for betting.


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Domaines Group has studied the Mexican market, therefore they are investing in good wines at accessible prices, in order to get people in the wine world".

This wine presented by Lafite is about 30 to 50 dollars. “We are thinking that there are more young people consuming wines, traveling, and observing what is happening in other countries each day. wine consumption is wonderful’. He added that quality is not related to price.

This wines’ fan was asked to grade this Lafite. and he said it was an excellent wine, due to the combina- tion of price-quality. “Worldwide, there is a new winery, a new wine region, a new origin denomination, there is a wine surplus; we. the wine sellers, are very happy with this bigger production and less demand, so the price and cost of production have decreased, and extraordinary wines have been made at a low price”.

To conclude this interview. Ruiz Caso added, regarding to Mexican wines, that he observes a good evolution, having great proposals, “we need to keep working with them hardly, and that's just what we are trying to do in La Europea, with The Mexican wine Month, as well as putting these wines in a preferen- tial section of our catalogue, we have a nice relation- ship with our national producers". 


Text: Pedro Ferriz Híjar ± Photo: Facax