Fusion Cuisine

An immense palapa (palm thatched roof) surrounded by water which reflects the setting sun, soft zither music, candlelight that dances on the surface of a pond where frogs sing: a dream come true.

Oberoi Mauritius restaurant, with its attentive waiters, serves the best fusion cuisine blending Oriental, Indian and European flavors. The curries are associated with duck, the aroma of coconut changes the taste of pork, the foie gras is combined with tropical fruits and the desserts are an explosion of exquisite flavors.

Oberoi Mauritius restaurant is one of the best on the island and has known how to merge the flavors of the different races that live here. It is a magical place that combines elegance and refinement, inviting gourmands to delight in a more than special dinner. 







Baie aux Tortues

Pointe aux Piments, Mauritius

T (230) 204 36 00

F (230) 204 36 25

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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney