Can Blue, Restaurant, Majorcan High Cuisine in Sóller

Located inside the Gran Hotel Sóller, a stunning palace built in 1880 by the Casanovas family and turned into a hotel during the 60s, the Can Blau has managed to combine typical Majorcan décor with the distinctive flavors of the island. Chef Xisco Martorell offers a menu highlighting his personal style with irresistible dishes like his asparagus gratin with oranges, grapefruit and citrus, the grilled bass steak with cauliflower puree or sautéed shitake with orange juice, ginger and lemon tea. And of course there is the famous caneton duck Can Blau, renowned for its splendid taste and the sensations it produces on the palate. All these exquisite dishes are served in a charming ambiance and accompanied by delicious wines from their deluxe cellar.  





C/ Romaguera 18

Sóller, Mallorca, Islas Baleares,


T 971 63 86 86

F 971 63 14 76


Bar Costa, A King's Tapas in Ibiza

Everyone who visits Ibiza goes to Bar Acosta, its reputation has a much farther reach that the shores of the island. “The best Iberian ham” some say. “The finest potato tortilla” say others. “An excellent wine”. “Octopus a la balear… a true jewel”. “Chorizo unlike any other”, and so on… The praise never ends. Everyone finds their favorite tapas in a charming atmosphere filled with the clamor of the conversations of people from everywhere in Europe. The jet set is also present. It is wonderful to see the waiters moving swiftly to serve cañas on the terrace or indoors, keeping everyone satisfied. In the small town of Santa Gertrudis, a flagship of Ibiza’s social life, Costa’s tapas are a royal experience.  





Plaza de la Iglesia, Santa


Ibiza, Islas Baleares, España

T 971 19 70 21


Text: AMURA ± Photo: AMURA