Elegance at the table

The warmth of soft illumination, heavy-framed artwork standing out of the walls, in contrast with the fine centerpieces, surround a dark wooden dining room offering the most delicious dishes: hard to resist meat cuts, chicken and seafood.

The Bahamian Club features elegance from its detailed décor up to its service and, of course, its food: the Châteaubriand, meat prepared tableside; bone-in rib-eye steaks and loin of Mountain States lamb are part of this selection of meats as well.

A vegetarian option is the East Indian food; and for children, a special menu includes exquisite pasta and grouper strips

Seafood is grilled where grouper, sword fish and shrimp are relished; accompanied by creamed spinach, potatoes gratin or golden plantains; and as a homage paid to the culinary traditions for the staple food, green peas and rice are not lacking.




Willing to surprise, Californian vintages are part of the wine menu; the same as the never to be missed desserts, where the sizzling caramel skillet brownie is one of the favorites.

The Bahamian Club menu gives the opportunity to take the classic continental style to your mouth or to combine it with the staple food flavor.



Bahamian Club

1 Casino Drive, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Tel. +242 3633000



Text: Alejandra Millanes ± Photo: Atlantis Bahamas / Ristorante Luciano’s of Chicago / UTC / ONEANDONLYRESORTS