¡Buon appetito, Bahamas!

An ancient manor opens its gates to travel throughout its marble and mahogany foyer, up to a formal dining room with warmth colors and marvelous views of the harbor; to get impregnated over a magical scenario with the unsurpassed scent from its dishes.

Luciano’s of Chicago offers an Italian experience in its food by going way beyond the traditional meatball spaghettis; the secret of its chefs lies in the Toscana touch, an inspiration that transforms every dish into a tasteful pleasure with the genuine Italian savor.

Even if Italian food is the house’s specialty, you may also find great options from Nassau’s taste and Bahamas’s style; there you have the conch cakes served with rosa aioli that satisfy even the most demanding palates.






In addition to the superb pastas al dente, smothered in its sauce, and basic ingredients such as Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, prosciutto di Parma or prosciutto di San Daniele and balsamic vinegar; the menu is made up by juicy steaks and roast chicken with lemon, garlic, potatoes and tomatoes; perhaps the starring dish of the place.

The seal of the dishes’ flavor is given by a nice cocktail or a cup of wine from Italy, the United States, Spain, Chile, Australia or New Zealand. Residents know this and have made a tradition of gathering at the bar, in order to savor the drinks and appetizers of its menu after work.



Luciano’s of Chicago

East Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas

Tel. +242 3237770



Text: Alejandra Millanes ± Photo: Atlantis Bahamas / Ristorante Luciano’s of Chicago / UTC / ONEANDONLYRESORTS