Baluarte de la gastronomía maltesa

Abastion that was used to guard the city of Velleta, designed and built by the Knights of St. John in the XVI century, is, at present, the heart where it is hidden and, at the same time, discovered, a true gastronomic treasure. A restaurant, a wine cellar, a terrace and an exhibition in itself, all of this is Rampila; which, with selections and fresh ingredients, every day pleases every diner that arrives in order to delectate it’s creations in an intimate ambience, where you breathe a historical touch and a superb taste for every detail.

This is a site every lover of the dolce vita should visit, being an icon of the Maltese cuisine, where chefs the size of Accursio –one of the most renowned in all of Italy—have shone, with creations inspired exclusively for this unique place, the Macco di fave with polpo arrosto e finocchietto selvático or the Crostata di pere calda with gelato alla vaniglia e salsa al cioccolato.

Lamb cuts matched with sterling wines are a delicacy to be tasted at least once, leaving aside the menu offered by this gourmand corner; it is worthy of visiting more than one time so as to discover its great capability, since it may astonish demanding palates or simply have them relish all of its Mediterranean carte; in a romantic dinner or in a nice evening with friends.






St. Johns Cavalier, Il-Belt Valletta

VLT 1110, Malta

Tel:+356 2122 6625


Text: Gwen San / Florencia Gutiérrez / Alejandra Millanes ± Photo: ARZAK / José López / Pleasure mon