Modernity and art combined in the kitchen

Grant Achatz has been a worldwide leader of culinary innovation since the opening of Alinea in Chicago in 2005. Dishes like hot potato, cold potatoes and black truffle explosion; or food suspended on wires or carbonized morsels sitting on top of the table, have become icons all around the world.  Almost a decade later, the chef continues pushing the limits of a  vanguard cuisine his constantly evolving menus.



Located in Lincoln Park, Alinea is a very modern restaurant. Divided in four distinct rooms, in order to allow the diners to have privacy and an uninterrupted gastronomical experience, it’s special illumination presents a contemporary decoration, which  allows the walls to change colors and create different moods. However, this is just where magic starts;  the innovative Alinea’s tasting menus typically encompass from 15 to 19 courses, and the guests delight on them in a hallucinating trip. The kitchen uses modernist techniques aiming at producing astonishing effects.

The dishes have started to recede from the face-theatrics, in order to offer subtler creations. What is left though, is transcendental flavors and a beautiful presentation. In recent years Achatz opened “Next and the Brilliant”,  an experimental cocktail bar. Alinea, however, continues to be the main canvas for his creative  genius, now under the management of chef  Mike Bagale.







1723 North Halsted,

Chicago, Illinois, 60614, USA

Tel. +131 2867 0110


Text: Gwen San / Florencia Gutiérrez / Alejandra Millanes ± Photo: ARZAK / José López / Pleasure mon