Home of tradition

When attending Number One at the Balmoral Hotel, it’s flavours will result unforgettable and it will be impossible not to compare a future restaurant with it, hence why we return. It’s fusion cuisine is stellar: A Scottish soul, combined with the precise refinement of the French. Works of art are served at this establishment, they are beautifully cooked for a culinary experience. It’s fantastic and delicious tasting, alongside the á la carte menus have earned – and maintained – it’s Michellin Star for 14 consecutive years. Christmas in Scotland? Number One is an excellent choice to enjoy a unique experience. Amongst it’s highlights you can find duck foie gras, which depending on the season is served in a variety of ways.








Number One

1 Princes Street, The Balmoral Hotel, Edimburgo EH2 2EQ, Escocia

Tel:+0131 556 2414



Text: Lizethe Dagdug ± Photo: Number One (hotel Balmoral, Edinburgh) / THE CLAY / rocco forte hotels / THEWILDFIG