Esplendor con aroma y sabor

This is the place to admire how various Scottish ingredients catapult Parisian dishes, which are served in miniscule portions that have been measured to the millimeter so as to be superbly presented, full of wonder. The staff is well acquainted with excellence in all forms, the diner is covered in a cloud of attentiveness. The flavors of the food are balanced and refined, they can be appreciated by means of an impeccable 7-course gourmand tasting menu. When talking about  French cuisine, nothing is more regal than this restaurant located in a salon that could very well be the location for an elegant period film, where it would be inevitable to sit with a princess, Count, or King. It’s wines and deserts are the finest in Edinburgh.







Pompadour by Galvin

Princes Street, Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh,The Caledonian, Edimburgo EH1 2AB

Tel. +0131 222 8975


Text: Lizethe Dagdug ± Photo: Number One (hotel Balmoral, Edinburgh) / THE CLAY / rocco forte hotels / THEWILDFIG