360° of splendor

Located in the Tower of the trolley in Port Vell of Barcelona, this restaurant offers a sight of 360° , where the Mediterranean imposes with its ethereal beauty. In the restaurant you can enjoy an ambiance  ad hoc with the altitude, it’s haute cuisine is a conjunction of the elegance that this place offers to make an everlasting experience.

It’s Mediterranean cuisine is quite innovative. Amongst its specialties the salted duck foie stands out, as well as the orange foam and the exquisite desserts. Although the selection of wines is small, the deliciousness of the flavours and the service turn this place into one of the best to visit when in Barcelona. It’s highly recommended for couples, but you can also go for business affairs. Keep in mind this is also a Michelin Guide recommendation, reason why the demand is quite elevated and reservations must be made with a few days time. The experience is worth it.






Torre d’ Alta Mar, Passeig Joan de Borbó, 88. 08039 Barcelona   

Tel. +34 93 221 44 60 



Text: Lizeth Dadug ± Photo: JUSTDOG / SRC / CARRIER / rayavadee / squarse / Forbes