This extremely rare and expensive bottle of dry Riesling is possibly the most expensive Riesling ever to be sold at auction. A double magnum of the 2009 sold in 2010 for nearly 4,000 euros. That’s quite a feat for a wine made in the Rheinhessen, the birthplace of the infamous Liebfraumilch and Blue Nun. The owner is a member of “Message in a Bottle,” a group of more than two-dozen young winemakers in the Rheinhessen committed to raising the standard of quality in the region. G-Max is a micro-production wine from a secret vineyard site . For the 2009 vintage, only 6 double magnums, 30 magnums and 1,600 regular bottles were produced. If only for the mystery of it, if you ever get the chance, try it.


Text: Erin Brooks ± Photo: OWCIBES / weinhauss / WINEX / MONTROSE / TOASTER / WEBME