Two Gourmet Restaurants in Alexandria

From a balcony of the Kala Restaurant which has a view dominated by the Mediterranean. The open kitchen allows you to watch the chefs in action as well as the attractive wooden oven. The menu includes Mezzeh, seafood, lobster salad, grilled shrimp, fresh fish in oriental sauce and lamb. The dessert menu includes a variety of sweet Mediterranean delicacies.

The Byblos, reveals the culinary delicacy of the Middle East in a cozy, elegant place, with a beautiful crystal chandelier and a fireplace for the winter if it is uncomfortable. From the tables, we can appreciate the Mediterranean sea while enjoying extravagant dishes. Delights take place: the Bel Hummus Tahina, mutabbal, Bab Ghanoush, Tabbouleh, Halabia Habra, Kebbab, Koflet Samak, Dajaj Mosahab, ... A real party culminating in an explosion of sweet oriental pastries or Mafroukh (pistachios and walnuts with rose honey).

At  Kala and Byblos,  you can enjoy the best meals of Alexandria and the best views of the coast and beaches. At The Four Seasons Alexandria, you can feel the pleasure of living and of trying the authentic Mediterranean cuisine from North Africa and the Middle East. It is an obligatory stop when exploring Egypt. The sole reward is discovering culinary excellence and that is enough reason.


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Kala y Byblos 

Four Seasons Hotel 

Alexandria at San Stefano

399 El Geish Road, Alexandria

Tel. 20 (3) 581 8000, fax 20 (3) 581 8080


Text:   Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patric Monney/Travelive