Long live the caviar!

When tasting Caviar, the first thing we notice is its freshness, as well as other elements that capture the essence of their origin and quality. In Mexico, the market for caviar is surging, and taking over the palates of culinary experts and aficionados alike.

The ancient merchants, who crossed the seas bringing unique products with them from different latitudes across the globe, set the stage for us, with our technology and modern knowledge, to create opportunities, new products and excellent culinary encounters. Currently, Mexico receives this legacy and products through distributors as Hanseatik.



Thanks to Hanseatik, our country takes delivery of the top-shelf caviar, and the prized L’Esturgeonniere brand. It is an authentic pioneer for this industry, tracing its origins to France. We are talking about a conscious company of superior caviar products that has worked with scientific precision and always based on the sturgeon needs as a delicate species.

L’Esturgeonniere was one of the first French enterprises to select the Siberian sturgeon twenty years ago; at the beginning due to the quality of their meat and then to produce an excellence caviar into a custom built farm, using pure water from the Landes in Aquitaine, France, as well as ideal conditions and the better treatment for females to produce the best caviar, valued not only for professionals, but for lovers of gourmet sector worldwide.

Michel Berthommier, L’Esturgeonniere’s CEO, highlights how the company has evolved in the market: before, the majority of caviar came from the Caspian Sea, and it was considered a rare delicacy.

Today, there exist hundreds of brands across the world, and the variety of caviar is ample. This in part to regulations passed within industry which protect the wild sturgeon, as well as other measures taken to restrict unbridled fishing. To choose a caviar, one must wade through a variety of choices. Yet, only one industry meets the standards of dedication, legacy, and experience required to guarantee a supreme quality. Thanks to L’Esturgeonniere, Mexico and other countries can enjoy unparalleled freshness from a genuine European company that provides us an exceptional tasting experience. For L’Esturgeonnière and Mexico, this is just the beginning.





Text: Hanseatik ± Photo: TOP GOURMET