Amazing culinary art

It’s no secret that Philippine gastronomy is a conjunction of millennial costumes; it’s influences of Southeast Asia entwine with culinary aspects of Spanish cuisine - Philippines was colonized by this country for three centuries-. This historic print has dictated its gourmet essence, it is quite palpable within its dishes filled with sucking pig and rices, cooked the way pella would.

In its beginnings, Philippine cuisine was saturated by ancient ancestry of the austronisian villages, granting it with common ingredients that were produced by the local flora and fauna. Traditional dishes are created with kalabaw (buffalo) baka (cow), manok (chicken) and elbaboy (pig), but several meals are also created with a base of sea fruits.

To start a culinary adventure within the Philippines you must be prepared, haute cuisine is portrayed by skilled chefs and cooks who carry the emblem of voices from the past and it’s ancestors, making way to an exotic and unique proposal.


Text: Maria Grajales ± Photo: STATICK / ASIM TF / FARM8 / GALLIVAN / ANGLAAM / DANIEL GO / INMOTION your social media marketing partner