More than just culinary exoticism

The power of the interminable list of spices that are employed in Indian cuisine resembles a sort of alchemist workshop in this country. It is intimately connected with the countries mysticism, as well as with its traditions. In the particular case of the Rajasthan, we can see that the refined gastronomy of the region can be traced back the time of the Maharajas, who always has been a reference of good taste and sumptuousness, so its cuisine reflects the preferences and pleasures of these kings. Rice is used extensively with flashes of different flavors that intermingle in the masalas to generate intense feelings that we balance with pieces of “roti”; the delicious unleavened bread that accompanies every meal in India , and without which we probably would enter a trance generated by dishes with a very high and unique complexity. The smell permeates the soul and seduce with their dance, much more than the palate.



Text: Gwen San / Matiana Flores ± Photo: THELEELA / 1135 AD / MEDOAF / TAJHOTELS/ / HUFFING / TJE ILA