The Height of Bhutanese Dining

At the Taj Tashi, a building we have described as a magnificent combination between a traditional Bhutanese dzong and a contemporary western hotel, the Chig-ja-Gye is making waves. The hotel’s flagship restaurant is supremely elegant; gold-leaf paintings and decorative dhungs are contrasted with modern seating and furnishings, while Buddhist prayer wheels are visible from the restaurant’s windows. The restaurant gets its name from the 108 earthly temptations described in Bhuddist texts, which one must overcome to reach Nirvana.



The restaurant offers a wide range of traditional Bhutanese options, out of which the ema datshi, a spicy mix of chili peppers and cow’s milk (or yak cheese), is the most emblematic.




Samten Lam, Timbu, Bután 

Tel +975-2-336699


Text: Andres Ordorica ± Photo: COMO HOTELS / THE SOUPS PO