To dine under the moonlight, when the light reflects on the water and the mountains seem to reach the stars, is the main gourmet experience when staying at Lago di Como. The Terrazza is one of the finest restaurants of the region, and it offers the most superb and elegant Italian cuisine, one that has been reinterpreted by the master Gualtiero Marchesi along with the executive chef Oswaldo Presazzi. Across the halls at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, decorated with furniture, paintings, and china from the Belle Époque, one reaches the sober terrace that overlooks the Gringe mountain, which is draped in pink hues at sunset, and the lights of the Bellagio, which shine at night and illuminate the lake. The restaurant invites guest to enjoy a romantic experience without bounds.

Gualtiero Marchesi is the one of the world’s most famous chefs for having inveted the New Italian Cuisine, introducing the culinary concept of a kitchen that is artistic, refined, innovating, and exquisite. Oswaldo Presazzi has been working in the restaurant since 1990, and his philosophy focuses on utilizing local products, and the ingredients that the lake offers, which they then use to create their own recipes depending on the season, the main dishes being designed by master Marchesi.



It is a pleasure to discover the taste of the fish from the lake, the meat from the lambs that roams the hills around the lake, and from the cattle that roam the Alps; the pastas, which have been renewed to become a new culinary adventure. The risotto, which is a delight; the desserts are a feast to the eyes before even being tasted, and feasting on the refined local fruit and exotic chocolate is an experience in, and of itself.

Dining at The Terrazza is one of the most romantic experiences while visiting Lago di Como. One can enjoy spectacular views, and enjoy one of the finest dishes in all of Italy, created by using local flavours.




La Terrazza

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

 Via Regina, 8 - 22019 Tremezzo,

Lago di Como – Italia

tel: +39 0344 42491

fax: +39 0344 40201

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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney