he Dalmore is one of the most prestigious whiskey distilleries around the world. Their output, usually released in special editions, it’s known for being traded at record prices. A unique identity that only connoisseurs will recognize is imbued to each bottle of single malt whiskey.

One of the most recent editions is that of Dalmore 64 Trinitas, a whiskey launched at the honorable age of 64 years. It contains spirits dating back to 1868, 1878, 1926 and 1939. Through its maturation process, several types of wood were used to age this liquor, and each gave to it some of their characteristics. The last two years of this long process were spent in white, handmade oak barrels.



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Time did not pass in vain for this whiskey, and this becomes clear once you taste the unique experience offered by its flavor. Like a game of light and shadow, subtle notes of raisins, Colombian coffee and orange are succeeded by hints of grapefruit, sandalwood, white musk and Indonesian patchouli. To taste each of the various nuances that constitute it, a sip of the Trinitas should be slowly cherished in the mouth.

To complement the experience, the whiskey is kept in a decanter made from the finest materials and with extreme care to detail. Similarly, the presentation box, made of English oak and 12 coats of lacquer, is a work of the finest craftsmanship.

The Dalmore 64 Trinitas has a price tag of £ 100,000 ($ 160,000 usd), making it one of the most prized spirits in history. Of the three bottles that were produced, there is only one left available.


Text:  Amura ± Photo: Cortesía de la Marca